I was walking down the street at the north market looking for Christmas decorations and I was struck by how strange what I was doing seemed to me. I wanted to buy some Christmas lights and some house decorations and instead of going to some big store, like I would back home, I was walking down the road of a gigantic market. The best I can describe this market as is like a flee market but with new goods and more people selling things then any flee market then I ever been to. I was surrounded by people buying things and I didn’t really know where to start looking for what I wanted nor was I sure what exactly I wanted. The first few shops with Christmas stuff didn’t seem to have what we needed and I was beginning to feel a little over whelmed and felt like I had no idea of what to buy. I am not terribly great at shopping or at being creative with how to decorate, thankfully my roommates are better at that then me and they came up with a plan and decided what we needed to buy.

After we found the decorations we wanted and bargained with the shopkeeper for a better price we all headed back to our apartment to decorate it. The girls who work with us joined us to help decorate and each of us took a part of the decorating and got our place looking nice. It was fun to all get together and decorate, it makes being away from home during Christmas more tolerable.

These past month has flown bye and I have felt a bit disconnected from all of you. My sister has had her baby, a beautiful baby girl, we have celebrated thanksgiving, and I have been back to Hong Kong since I last wrote. Overall things have been going well here and I am excited for Christmas time. I have a big party with all my friends coming up next week here we will share the Christmas story and about God’s son, I am really excited about that. However, this is also the start of exam time so my friends are often very busy and don’t have time to meet, so please lift that up to God along with the things below.

Prayer requests:

  1. For my big Christmas party with friends, that it would be a powerful and effective a time of tell my friends about God and His Son.
  2. For my Bible study with friends, that it continues to effective and that it would yield fruit of friends joining the family.
  3. For me, that I wouldn’t feel really homesick during this time and that I would be able to be in commutation with my family back home and all of you. J

p.s. I love to hear from you as it reminds me of home and I haven’t heard much in a while.