“What is this?” Asked our friend Dancing who was pointing to a
bowl. “Oh, that’s frosting.” I said. “What do you do with it?”
asked Bart. So I continued to do a demonstration for the seven guys
and girls the team had over, on how to decorate a cookie. Within 45
minutes all 5 dozen cookies, and 4 bowls of frosting were gone.
Most of our Asian friends find our desserts to sweet, but they
loved these cookies. We had a wonderful time making cookies,
watching a Charlie Brown’s Christmas, singing Christmas Carols and
explaining the true meaning of Christmas. We were able to spend
time answering questions and just show love to our friends. I just
hope that none of them walked away with upset stomach after eating
so many cookies!

The rest of the team had to do a visa run, while I spent the day
here trying to finalize everything with my passport.  I received my
passport this week but then had to give it up again to apply for a
new visa.  There is good news and bad news when it comes to my
visa. They are issuing me a new visa, but it is only a 30 day no
entry visa. This means that after 30 days, I have to leave the
country and apply for another visa. I know that God will continue
to work all of the details out, and just remind myself that I am
not the first person this has happened to. Your e-mails have been
so encouraging and I am grateful to have such an amazing support
team back at home.

As always, this week was busy. We are now beginning our Christmas
shopping and party preparation, as well as studying for finals in
our language class. I’m really nervous about our class since it is
testing us on the entire term, and we will be graded on speaking,
listening, comprehension, writing, reading and drawing characters.
After next week, we will have about three weeks off of class and
then we will begin the second term. Everything is going by so
quickly that I can’t believe the year is almost half over!

Prayer Requests:
**I thought that I would give you some requests that are really
close to my heart this month.
1.    All of our parties this month, that God would use them to touch
the hearts of our friends
2.    This is the time of the year where many college students commit
suicide. It is something that happens so often that it is just
accepted as a fact or a way of life here. Pleas pray that God will
just have His hand upon our friends, as well as all the students in
3.    The poverty is so evident here. It is not unusual for me to walk
down the street and see several people who are blind, lame, burned,
abused, and the list could go on.  Please continue to keep the poor
and the hurting in your prayers.
4.    My family-that they are kept well this season. Also, my sister-
in-law is coming to the last month of her pregnancy. Pray that
everything goes well!

Praise Report: Another brother has come into the family!

Well, I hope you are all staying safe this season. I keep hearing
about the snow and wish that I could see a little of it, but I hope
you and your family are blessed this week and are kept safe. May
you find joy this week, just like the shepherds did so long ago!

1.    Well, I know this isn’t “technically” a first, but I did eat my
first strawberry in almost 6 months.
2.    We met an illegal poacher selling things such as a monkey’s
head, a rhinoceros’ horn, tigers tooth, lions paw. It was
disgusting and very strange.