As I look around at all the food we had just ordered and at all my classmates, I was thinking how on earth are we going to eat all this food. Then my teacher asked me if I wanted a beer, and as I explain that I don’t drink, he ask me if I was a Christian. I said I was, but that the reason I don’t drink is because of a personal decision, not because it’s a rule for Christians. Then the big surprise came when he told me that he also believed in God.

My teacher and I talk only a little that day, but we meet up a few days later for lunch and talk about his belief and about the “party” he goes to. That weekend he came to a small get together at my house and cooked some delicious food. Over the next few weeks we got to become friends. This weekend I went to his “party” to see what it was like and got to experience a local house church that was established by local Christians.

I had a great time at the party! I was surprised at just how much I understood of what they where singing and what was being talked about. I was really encouraged by going there and experiencing God with this group of local Christians. Also, it has been encouraging to become friends with my teacher and to build that relationship. These things relate back to two of my biggest goals this year: (1) learning the language (in particular words related to sharing about God) and (2) establishing a few deeper relationships with local guys.

Overall, things have been going fairly well. I have had my struggles as God has been working on my personal relationship with Him a lot and growing me so much! Language study is going well, and I am learning tons and feeling a lot more comfortable in using the language. This past month we celebrated  Thanksgiving, which was a lot of fun! We are all looking forward to Christmas!

This Christmas season we want to share about God with our friends, but this year will be different then previous years, as all of us just have a few friends and won’t have the huge parties that we’ve had in the past. Plus, a main difference is that we’ll be doing it all in the local language. However, I expect to still be a powerful time where we can share about God and what he has done for the whole world.

Love in Him who can do immeasurably more then we could ask or imagine,