I really, really, REALLY, had an awesome week!  The first part of the week started last Saturday at our Bible study. My friend that I had been inviting for three weeks finally came. He wanted Jesus and asked Him into his life that day! He also brought a friend with
him who was practically in tears the whole study, the Spirit really touched him and they both want to come again. Also another one of our friends who we really been asking God to touch came up to Dublin after the study. He said that Thursday he wants to come to
the house and accept Jesus!  WoW!  This kid was someone we first met here and the first time we talked to him he came close but right before prayer he said he couldn’t do it. But thanks to God and continually praying for him he is ready!

I also just want to say thanks to all of you for thinking of me and the friends here!  3 people in one day! I love it!

It was our friend’s birthday this week and she decided to make a theme party! It was dress up as your own superhero. It was hilarious! After the party we all went roller- skating together.  I’m excited today because I’m going to meet more break-dancers at another university here! You know, it’s crazy how God works! I thought I’d be coming here to one university to try and find break dancers but I’m on the other side of the world and this will be the 3rd university I’m meeting break-dancers! I feel so grateful, I’m just anywhere and I see people break-dancing, sometimes I go up to them and they say they already know God! I know I’m supposed to be here. I want to learn the language!

I have more thing to tell you all….. Every day I walk home at night, there is a bridge I cross and a blind man sits there with a
bag begging. I actually think he’s blind, deaf and mute. I usually give him some money as I pass, but every time I pass, I cry because
I just want to lay hands and see him healed. One night I was talking to God and I had a vision of the man being healed. The next
night I told myself if I see him on the bridge I will pray for him. Guess what…. He was there. I was nervous but I put money in his bag
and touched his hand saying receive your sight! His eyes focused on me and he looked at me, I got really scared and kind of walked
away. He didn’t say anything but he looked at me. Every time I walk past him he only gazes forward as if he never knows who’s there but this time was different. I haven’t see him yet so I don’t what happened but if I see him again I will do the same! I always cry
out and ask for miracles but God said to me they are all around you. I just have to make the step. Every day I see a cripple, blind
or people with a gimp leg. God gives me opportunity all the time! So now, I will take them!