We had just gotten our food, which was amazing it is almost always here, and we asked our friends if it was ok with them if we talked to God to thank him for the food. Our friends said “yes” and then one of them, let’s call him John, starts praying about everything he is thankful for. After we finished praying I start talking to John about God and about the Bible. John had heard about God and the Bible but had not read it, but he was really interested in learning more about it. I told him that we where going to have some friends over to study it and asked him if he was interested and he replayed that he would love to.

I was really surprised at their level of interest because I walked in to it not expecting them to be interested, because in our previous meeting with them they had not expressed, at least to me, any interest in God. That just goes again to show how God answers us. I had been asking God to give us people who would be really interested in studying about Him and His word. What really made that time so cool was how God was providing people who were willing to do a Bible study with us.

Over this past week since this meeting, many of my other friends have also expressed interest in learning about God. It has been awesome to see God bring in all the people for doing a group Bible study. We had a goal of starting one by this Sunday and that is going to happen, which I am really excited about. Also, these past few weeks have been really busy, I have had lots of meetings, been to Hong Kong, and went to a theme park all in all doing lots of stuff. In being so busy I haven’t written you all as often as I wanted to, however, I plan on writing these emails more often in the future.

Prayer Requests:

  1. To have his hand on our Bible study and that through it my friends would come to believe in Him.
  2. To help me to know how to spend my time, both in terms of getting things done I need to do and also with what friends to meet.
  3. For my sister, as she is having a baby Girl, which is due any day now, if it hasn’t already come by the time you get this. That all would go well with that and the God would be with them and guiding them.

p.s. I always love to get emails from you all. So if you have time drop me one. J

Love in him,