So recently I’ve been into barefoot running. That’s where you go running barefoot. You might think that’s strange, but there’s a growing body of runners who think it’s the healthy, less-injuries, feels-natural way to go. So I tried it last week and ran about a mile. It was a very positive experience!

Then this morning I had my first negative experience with barefoot running. My flip-flops were stolen! (Or they got thrown away by a well-meaning passerby.) I went to uni island, put my flip-flops on the big sidewalk out in clear view of anyone interested, and then went for what was supposed to be a 3 mile run. Well, about 2 miles in, I realized my feet were in bad shape, stopped, grabbed a motorcycle taxi, and went back to my starting point. And my flip-flops were gone!! Ahh!! I liked those flip-flops! I happened to have 11 bucks (local money, I mean) on me, so fortunately I was able to buy some cheapo flip-flops for the ride home.

So what lesson have I learned? Not to put my flip-flops out in clear view? Maybe. Or that work up to difficult things, rather than just jumping in. Maybe. Or that my feet should be SHOD with the readiness of the good news of peace? Not likely (the shodding part, not the good news part). Maybe the best thing that I’ve learned in all this is that Father created us well, that running free is the way it was meant to be.

I’ve been learning that recently. Freedom in Him is good. He is in control; I can chill. Earlier this week one of my team members was acting really off. I was tempted to try to fix it; but I didn’t. Father did it. Last week we had the fellowship. Not many people were able to come. Only three. But we had a really sweet time in His presence together. He is at work. I just join in, in a pretty chill way.

Hey, thanks for remembering us. YOU are having an impact here as you cry out to Father for His kingdom to come to uni students in Asia!