As I laid down to go to bed I reflected back on the past month or so. I had left America, went to our annual retreat, then arrived in my city over here,  had new years then went in to “winter session”(an annual 3 week training time). Busy busy. It occurred to me that every thing seemed different, though it was still mostly the same. I mean I am in the city I have lived for two years before, with people I had worked with before, and with the same m*ss*on as before . However, our whole strategy for accomplishing our mission had changed. I felt like I had gone away for a little while and now everything was different.


While its not true that everything is different, our main strategy is different and that effects every thing that we do and teach, which made me feel like everything was different. What we have changed is two main things, first how and when we share the good news. Now we share the good news in the context of our testimony when we first meet someone instead of months after getting to know someone. The second change is that we have a set and simple d*scipl*ship package for new b*li*vers that focus on obedience to what you know rather then what you know. The result in the past 6 months has been 80 people coming to know Dad about 20 of which are from new b*li*ver sharing !! Praise Dad. This is way more then any previous year.


I am really believe that this change will enable us to see out vision of multiplying house ch*rch movement on the campus accomplished. However as with any change it requires learning and change on my part as I adapt to our new strategy.


In other news, my mom’s surgery went well and the recovery is going well but it will be a long process.  I am getting ready to go back school to do my last semester of full time language study and to move in to an apartment of my own, right now I am staying at a coworkers place. Also I am looking forward to the arrival of 3 guys who will also be doing language study me but are support raising right now.


Love you all,



P – requests

ñ  That those 3 guys that they would be able to finish support raising quickly and join me over here.

ñ  The whole team here as they go back in to the “normal” routine of what we do Dad would empower them to share the good news and teach the new  b*li*vers.

ñ  My mom’s continued recovery.

ñ  Me up as I go back in to language study and move in the next few weeks.