I sat down on the big, beat up, but comfy chair in my living room and was listing as my friend started playing the guitar. She had started to play songs that praise God and those of us sitting around started to sing along. Pretty soon we were just worshiping God and thanking him for what he did that day. It was a great way to end the night after long but awesome day.

This was after our second meeting of the house church we started. It was cool just to see us break out in to spontaneous worship but what was even more awesome was how well the meeting flowed, to see in double in size from last week, and to have a new girl, Amy, become a Christian afterwards! I mean our first week wasn’t that great, we had 2 people at it one was leaving the city for work in less then a week and the other didn’t speak English and lot of the transitions where awkward, and this person became a family member! It is just so encouraging and exciting to see God working and this new group taking root and growing.

God has continued to do great things in our midst the next week we where out numbered by the locals and we had two baptisms! However, there has also been discouragement and sadness along the way. Over these past few weeks we have had three of the guys that had become family members back away. For two of them it was because their earthly parents and family where against them believing. The other one has doubts about God and is afraid of persecution and what his friends will think of him. Also, over these last two weeks my coworkers, myself included, have all felt different kinds of attacks from the enemy. In spite of all this God has been moving through us and doing great things I believe that there is more to come but we need you thoughts even more because as we continue to establish a foothold in the enemy’s territory he is going to oppose us with everything he can. We all ready now the victory is ours for the good book tell us so, but we need his strength to do it and that is way I ask for your prayers so that we can walk filled with the Holy Spirit and finish out this school year in strength.


  • For my coworkers and I, that we would be strengthened and encouraged by God to finish out the year strong.
  • For the house church that it would continue to grow and that the local leaders would emerge and by the time we leave in May they would be ready to run it.
  • For the guys who have done some backtracking that they would be convicted by the Holy Spirit and would choose to follow God regardless of any opposition.

In Love,