From the shower, i yelled at my roommate, “You’re a punk!”

As he tore out of the house, he yelled back, “You’re ridiculous!”

You would think this kind of interaction would normally be
destructive and indicative of disunity, but i think it actually
shows how close we’ve become. And it was one of the funniest
moments of the year!

This is the story: We had five minutes to be downstairs meeting
other peeps for lunch. He thought i was just getting in the shower,
when in fact i was in the middle of a shower. He told me there was
no way i could be dressed, clean, and downstairs before the clock
struck 12:01. I told him it was a done deal. The whole exchange was
hilarious, and when the door banged shut on his way out, the clock
was ticking.

I took time to brush my teeth (really fast!), put deodorant on, put
gel in my hair, and even rinse out the shower. I ran down the seven
flights of stairs (no time to wait for the elevator) and bolted up
to where the others were waiting, huffing and puffing. My roomie
pulled out his cell phone to check the time. To his dismay, i had
made it with seconds to spare!

The truth is that i have been feeling close to my teammates
recently. Even hard conversations have led to mutual understanding
and appreciation. Praise Father for giving us a chance to live in
community and to do battle for His kingdom together! Until next


**  That i can love others because of knowing His love
**  For my friend Sean, to choose to follow Jesus
**  For us to not grow weary in doing good, but to trust Father for
strength and a good harvest in time
**  For wisdom in how to lead the fellowship

Thanks! With love,