I was sitting at a tea house, my new favorite place to hang out with friends. Acorn and my friend Stephen and Stephen asked Acorn if he would die for the Lord. That was of course a surprise but what was more interesting was Stephen’s reaction after Acorn said that he would. He was shocked that Acorn said yes because he knew that if he died that he would be with God and that is a better place. We had been talking about Jesus for a while now and about why we believed in him and asked us what God could do for us/had done for us. We told him about God’s power and about how what is most important was what God had already done for us on the cross.

This meeting was really good. Stephen also told us that he had never thought about God until he met me and Jayzer and that he wanted to start back studying the Bible with us again. I have seen Stephen really grow and I think he is close to coming in to the family; however the enemy is trying to interfere with that, Stephen is really busy right now studying for a test to get some kind of government job, I think like a civil service job, and he is going back to his home town to take this test and won’t be back until the end of April. That doesn’t leave us much time to talk to him. I would like you all to lift him up and ask God to give us the opportunity to meet. Also I am thinking of going to his home town to visit him while he is there, so please ask the Lord to give me wisdom about that.

One last request is that you all lift up us as a team and pray to strengthen us in these final weeks so that we can keep pressing in and running for him. Also pray for more workers to join us, at the time that we are going on the city trip in the states there will be the big training weekend for new people who are planning on joining us next year. Please ask the Lord to bless that time and bring the right people to it for next year.