“So I think that I am starting to believe that God is real, because when I talk to Him, I really feel like He is listening to me and that He answers me when I talk to Him.”

It took everything I had in me not to reach across the table in the crowded restaurant, grab my friend Laura by the shoulders and shake her several times while yelling “YES YES YES HE IS REAL!!!! ACCEPT HIM, BELIEVE IN HIM, LET HIM CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!” But I think that may have frightened her a bit too much, but needless to say I was very excited 🙂

Laura is one of my friends from a nearby medical college who I have known since my first few weeks in K-Town. When I first began talking to her about God, she said that she only believed in science and said that she never thought about if there was a God or not. However, in the last few months, God has really been working in her life. She attended our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and heard the Gospel message given several times. She also came to my house a few weeks ago to study the Bible with some of her friends and they ended up staying for over 4 hours!!! Now she is even reading the Bible on her own and wants to attend the local Asian church. It is incredible what the Lord has done in her life this year, and it isn’t over yet! Laura is living proof that God can get a hold of anyone, anywhere and move in their life in miraculous ways, even in a nation like Asia. Continue to ask the Lord to speak to Laura and make Himself real to her and that she would finally be able to come to a point of a decision about giving her life to Him.

In is incredible to be a part of God’s work here. Even though I am near the end of my current time here, I still believe that God can pour out His Spirit in K-Town and rock my friends’ lives forever!