I’m sitting here realizing that in one week I will be back home in America. I cant believe it! This year has gone be way faster than I had ever hope or imagined or even wanted.

As I start to pack and say my many goodbye the reality sinks in deeper and deeper that I’m leaving. There’s a big part of my heart that doesn’t want to leave or say goodbye. God has done so much in my heart this year, exposing lies that I believed, showering me with His grace, and showing me his goodness. I feel like this season has just begun and now its over. I don’t want it to end because its been without a doubt the best season of my life. To say goodbye means to end this season and start a new one. It means that I leave behind an amazing team, an amazing group of people, a group of amazing friends. It means saying goodbye to all the friends Ive made and invested in here. It means that I leave behind all the great food, adventure, and experience I’ve had with God here. Saying goodbye to all this is way harder than I thought it would ever be.

The end has come to quick.

However, saying goodbye also means saying hello to something else. It means seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen in about a year. It means a new (and hopefully better) season filled with new adventures and feats with God. It means more of God being able to bring wholeness and fullness in my life. It also means saying “hello” to AMERICAN FOOD and the good things in life in America. It also means I go home to prepare to come back to Asia which is exciting! Even though the things I am about to step into are good and super exciting it doesn’t make saying goodbye to the other things any easier and that is why goodbyes here are so bittersweet.