Hello my family!

It has been a while since I have touched based with you and there are many reasons why …(phone got stolen and email blocked) but way more good things happened than bad, nothing can steal my JOY! I can’t wait to return home and tell you the stories, both the good and the bad.

Soon I say goodbye to some of the closest friends I’ve ever had. I’ve had the privilege of being the first person to show Jesus to many of my friends here, so my bond with them is so spiritually deep it’s making it harder to separate from them. I’m so glad it will only be a temporary separation. Many of you already know that I plan to come back here full-time, but some people may not have heard and I am very sorry about that.. (you can hold it over my head and make me do something special for you!)… God has been radically downloading vision into me for my future and I’m so excited, but that’s not what I’m thinking about right now. What I’m thinking about right now is what might my last words be to my best friends here. What will be the last thing I leave behind? I want it to be something straight from the Holy Spirit, something that will resonate with them until I return and beyond.

Pray that these last days will be filled with meaningful words of power and encouragement. Pray that I won’t leave a single one of my friends without a word or piece of encouragement for them to remember me by. I don’t want them to remember me by how good I was at sports or any other earthly talent. I want them to remember me for how much I love Jesus.

Thank you you all so much for everything and I’ll see you soon, but this journey is far from over 🙂