The past week has been so incredible and encouraging! We have been praying that God would bring more guys into the family, as we have been plating a lot of seeds but not seeing a lot of harvest.

We Had an all CT prayer night on the 12th and we asked that God would raise more men up in the family. This past Friday Professor and I were playing basketball trying to make new friends,  we ended up meeting this group of guys and having a blast. I’d say some of the most fun I’ve had playing basketball since I’ve been in Asia. We played for a while, connected with the guys, and and got all their numbers. Later that weekend I ended up getting to sit down to dinner with one of them. Lets call him David. We order food, are speaking English and the native language back and forth to each other, when I ask if I can pray for the food. He pauses, looks at me and asks “are you a Christian?” He’s like wow I’m a Christian too, I’m so excited! He gets up gives me a hug, shakes my hand excessively, and keeps telling me how he is so excited that he doesn’t know what to say. He then told me about how he became a Christian a month ago when one of his friends told him about God. In this moment I’m bursting on inside because this is one of the only Christian college students that I know that I didn’t personally lead into the family, I was so pumped. We enjoyed a good evening of food, cards, and encouragement.

Then yesterday we had lunch with another guy from the basketball game. Let’s call him Paul. We were hoping to share with him as well. The food arrives and we go to pray for the meal and hes like are you guys Christians?. We say yeah of course and hes like me too! He ends up praying for the meal and then goes to tell us about how he wanted to tell all his friends and everyone he knows about God. He then told us how he had shared with all his friends this past year and led 10 people into the family!! (pretty amazing!) We asked him about his testimony and how he came into the family. He told us about how his heart was “hard like this wall” as he pointed to the wall next to us. He told about how his brother shared with him and said there is but one God on this earth. At first he thought that his education conflicted with believing in God. However, he soon met a teacher that was in the family. He thinks to himself, wow my teacher is a well educated man and he is a Christian, hmmm. Because of this, He decided to read the Bible and realizes that it is not just fables but that it is the truth, soon after that he made is choice to follow God. We were blown away and so pumped.

Professor and I are trying to contain ourselves because we are so excited. We then share with him how we are having a Christmas party and are looking for someone to share their testimony. He was like “yeah I am always looking for opportunities to share!” I asked him if people had ever laughed or thought he was silly when he shared with them .He replied “yeah but that’s ok they’re not rejecting me they are rejecting God.” So, needless to say, he will be sharing at our Christmas party this weekend. Its going to be awesome! He also talked about how there are so many people who are wanting to believe, but no one to tell them about God. This guy was getting me so pumped up because he was challenging me to be bolder.

It would be amazing if every guy we met in the family was like this. We asked God for more guys and I feel like this week he was saying, “o.k, you asked, so here you go.” Paul is so incredible. He is the most zealous Asian guy for God that I have ever met, and he ranks up there for most zealous person that I have ever met in my entire life! It is a little bit of an understatement but THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!