The other day my friend and I were riding to dinner when he said, “I think I’m a little confused about some stuff maybe we can talk at dinner.” I had invited him to stay at my place the night before because we had the day off from school. We slept in, spent time with God, and then headed to an early dinner. At dinner he opened up. He got saved some time ago but had faded out of the picture saying that he was too busy. However, I soon found out that wasn’t why he hadn’t been around. Maybe a year or two before, his grandpa got cancer and was on his deathbed. He had to go back to school and he fervently asked God that he wouldn’t die that day so he could see him again. The same day he went to school was the same day his grandfather died and he couldn’t understand why God let that happen. We talked and I loved on him. I didn’t have all the answers; I just shared my experiences and thoughts and that God still loves him. He said at the end of our time together, “I think God sent you and [another CTer] to bring me back again. Since then my friend has taken steps to getting connected to the church again. It was a really awesome moment for me to be able to do life on life and pray for my friend.

The semester is coming to a close and I will be doing independent language this summer. I continue to go to the orphanage here and for me it’s so life-giving to connect with the kids and love on them. As you may have noticed I fractured my foot. In August 2016 I rolled my foot and the doctors didn’t catch the fracture and told me it was a bad sprain. I rested a week and then walked on it since. This past month I was playing a game and jumped off a high ledge jamming my foot in. I ended up re-injuring the fracture that I had been walking on all this time but the good news is recovery is weeks not months.