As a leader, you need an incredible team to accomplish your Godigiven dream. And that’s what Campus Target has in several layers throughout the organization.

Servant leaders.

Sacrificial leaders.

Broken and humble leaders.

We have been able to serve these past years on the Stateside team with a group of incredible leaders.

Just last month we found ourselves in an all-day strategic meeting, dissecting and charting the course for our recruiting strategy over this next year. As we started to evaluate this past year, we realized that we not only accomplished a majority of our major goals this past year, but we CRUSHED loads of smaller goals that were on our minds. It was an incredible moment of realizing all that God had done through us in just 365 days!

And that is just one division of the leaders we have the honor to serve alongside of. We have loads of other stories and pockets of successes throughout the organization. The ministry in Asia is flourishing right now because some great, new, young leaders are stepping up to the plate. And they are hitting home runs!

The leaders throughout Campus Target are leading with courage, vision, and grit. Our organizational foundation is being strengthened and prepared for what’s next.

The dream we have is still great.

Millions of college students are still waiting for the gospel. Dozens upon dozens of cities to plant campus churches on. We still have a way to go, but we know we are on the right course. Join us in praying for our leaders!