The end of our time here is approaching quick and looking back on all the crazy things God has done here is awesome! Recently our friend Bruce came to one of the fellowships. After every fellowship we pray in particular for one person and Bruce chimed in and said pick me! He was having a shoulder problem and has been really hungry to see God move in his life. Everyone prayed for him and that was the end of it, nothing earth shattering happened. The next week though Bruce was super excited to share what exactly God had done. Apparently he has had shoulder pain and problems for years. He has been to several doctors and massage therapies to try fix the pain in his shoulder, and to no avail. He said that most of the time he is in a good amount of pain 3 days a week. After we prayed though, God healed his shoulder! He went the whole week pain free! He was so excited to see God show up in his life and couldn’t wait to tell us. If was super cool to see how God really showed up and met his son in need.

Im not going to lie it this whole thing was super encouraging! We have seen numerous people join the family and to me being there and hearing how they feel the peace of God after they make a decision is so exciting! However, with all the good things that God is doing there comes the predictable attacks of the enemy. In the beginning of the year it was our whole team getting sick, no big deal. We made through alive! ( ha ha) Then it was all of our stuff getting stolen, or breaking, or crashing. Again, no big deal, it was just stuff that can be replaced. Recently though, the attacks on our entire team have been discouragement. The attacks seem really strong recently, especially about feeling like we arent effective and the discouragement that comes with that. We all want to finish strong and when your able to pull yourself out of the moment the attacks seem really dumb. You’re like wow I actually believed that for a second? Could you be praying for the protection of my team and I? Pray that we would be encouraged in our last month here and that we would be able to finish well in the work we are doing here. It’s like in a half marathon, its not how you do in the first ten miles of the race its the last three that make or break it. We are on our last 3 miles please be lifting us up in these 3 areas:

That we would be encouraged

That we would Meet more students that speak English

That we would be able to get the guys that have joined the family plugged into discipleship and firmly grounded