The new semester has been underway for about a month now! Our friends are back in class, and I’m back in language classes most mornings of the week. With spring just around the corner, the weather is starting to feel warmer. It feels like a fresh new start! (I’ve attached pictures of me and Indy at a park in our city in all its spring glory below.)

Our team here has been asking God to breathe on the seeds that were planted last semester. We’re looking to see those who made decisions to follow Jesus grow in their faith. We’re looking to see people who are on the fence about making a commitment to believe in Jesus take the step towards Him. We’re looking to see our churches grow. We’re asking God to bring breakthrough where there has been resistance in receiving Him.

And He’s doing it! Recently a young student was baptized in an inflatable pool that was set up in the living room of one of our apartments. Honestly, it’s quite a bit of work to set up the pool and fill it with water. It takes a couple of hours to get it ready and then some more to empty it! But it’s totally worth it to see someone make the step to publicly commit to follow Jesus.

I have also had a chance to pray with my friend Kristine to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It’s been absolutely beautiful to see God transforming her life! Baptism (both of water and in the Spirit) is such an important part of a believer’s life!  God’s Spirit does a work that goes much deeper than just what we see on the surface. Thank you for praying with me for the transformation of the lives of these college students!

Do you remember your baptism? What was that experience like? What were some of the things that marked your relationship with God during that time of your life? I’ve been praying for you, as you’ve been praying for me here, that your life would overflow with the goodness of God as a testimony to all those around you!