The first year guys head home in a few short weeks and the thought of them going makes me a wee bit sad. About 5 of them have decided to come back so cheers to that and all that God is going to do, I’m going to miss them all though.

Nothing crazy new here just trying to learn the language. I’ve been making new friends though and one in particular comes to mind. We will call him John since he doesn’t have an English name. One of his best friends is one of our key guys here in the church and John has been shared with numerous times but his heart is hard towards God. Would you specifically be lifting him up? That God would move on his heart and make himself real, that he would accept. I know that his good friend in the family is heartbroken a little by him continually being hard towards God. Secondly remember my good friend Richard? The one who has a girlfriend who isn’t saved. I was asking God to do something about it and they almost broke up but then decided to continue. Can you continue to lift him up as well? We talk often, and seeing him go down this road is hard for me. Ask that God would do something cool!

Also remember that clock tower I mentioned? The one where all the students try to commit suicide? 🙁 I haven’t gotten in yet but I’ve been asking around. One student said that he heard you can go to the top if you graduate. So it sounds possible to get up there still! Keep asking God about it for me!