“The new CTer I’m coaching just raised 2/3 of her money in two weeks!” I said at a team meeting last week. Every year we coach our new team members as they prepare for Asia, and one of the young women I’m working with is off to a fast start! But let me back up a bit.

We just did our big April Training event for the next class of Campus Target members. It was a powerful long weekend of encountering Jesus, digging into the Bible, practical training, and getting to know each other. We now have 12 awesome young men and women who are on the new team, and they’re all working hard to get ready to leave in August.

I’m coaching two people this summer through all the details they need: raising financial support, applying for a visa, packing and immunizations, and more. They’re both finishing college, and the one young woman has seen an incredible response almost immediately. It doesn’t normally happen this fast, but a few key family members and her church have committed over $6,000, and she’s within striking distance of being fully funded this month!

While her story is amazing, everyone on the team will face some hurdles along the way this summer. Would you please pray for her, and the other 11 world changers, as they prepare for their time of ministry in Asia in the fall? Specifically:

– A Canadian team member needs favor with his church to allow them to receive funds for his ministry. Canadian financial gifts happen outside of our normal system, so we need his church’s involvement to make things transparent and official.
– Health and favor in personal relationships, financial provision, and every detail of their departure.

In personal news, Buttercup, our son, and I moved into a house last week! It’s Buttercup’s parents’ former home, and we’re incredibly blessed to be in it. Our son loves watching the school buses and trucks drive by, and we’re glad to have more space. It’ll be a while until we’re fully settled in, but we’re happy to be in a house, and we’re looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

Thank you for praying for us and all your support and care. We feel incredibly loved and blessed, and we hope you’re doing well and enjoying this spring. Have a wonderful week!