This past week was a blast! Saturday and Sunday we threw two different parties for our Asian friends and they were a smashing hit. We had some American food, mixed with Asian snacks, skits, testimonies, the interlude dance, and awesome games! I’d wager that these parties would give any American party a run for its money. During one of these parties something happened that probably tops the highlights from the past couple months. We were suppose to talk to our friend Cliff before the party about sharing his testimony but we forgot… and so the time came, and the emcee not knowing we forgot, asked him to share. He without prior notice got up and shared everything about God. He shared how he met us and how we told him about God, to his decision to follow God, and then how God healed his back when he asked Him. He also went on to say how God healed his friend, and then asked his friend who was there to confirm what happened. His friend then stood up and testified to God’s healing power. He kind of preached, and he did it without notice. It was AWESOME! It Made my day to see a guy who is new in his faith, sharing so boldly all the good things God has done in his life. 

Thanksgiving day for me was filled with great friends, laughs, and an all around good time. We enjoyed a full American thanksgiving dinner, turkey and all. It was a great taste of home. Even though it was the first Thanksgiving in my entire life where I wasn’t at home with family, my team made up for a lot of what I missing. I can say that 12,000 miles away from home on Thanksgiving really didn’t feel that far after all. Thanksgiving day was also a time for me to reflect on all the good things that are in my life. Things that came to mind were how awesome my friends and family are ( and how much I miss them) and how I have such a great opportunity here in Asia to serve God and how blessed I am to be able to do it. I also thought about how I have such a great team to do it with. I honestly think my team couldn’t be any better. We laugh together, ( sometimes till it hurts), we cry together, we do life together. It’s an awesome combo. I also thought about how thankful I am for all people who are joining me together in prays and for those of you who joined with me financially to make this all possible. Thank you so much for being a part of this and helping me be here to serve God! I couldn’t be here without you. It was  a good thanksgiving for sure.