Would you pray for my translation business? You might remember that two years ago I started a translation business in Asia in order to provide a viable reason for me to be in a creative access region. I also wanted to be a blessing to the people there through jobs and translating Christian literature.

Last year some good things happened. The best was that God brought us a fantastic manager named Kirsten (who is Asian). She’s a gift. She has an incredible strategic mind and a lot of strength.

Last year it seemed like we were building momentum and might be able to find a sustainable groove, but this year has been difficult. In recent months it’s seemed like we wouldn’t make it.

Kirsten is still working hard to right the ship and has vision for the future. During the month of December, she’s doing a sales push with a goal to bring in significantly more business than we’ve had recently. I’m asking God for $7,000 USD of new orders in the next month.

Would you pray that God would bless those efforts and give both her and me wisdom? I believe we’re supposed to make it, but we will need some significant turnaround in the next couple of months.

Thanks for standing with me!