A new an exciting challenge is ahead of me, and I am on the case! Daily I have been seeking clues from God like a detective, ready to act on what He wants me to do. As I have been working and getting ready to go to Asia, I have been growing in my dependence on God for my joy and perseverance. He has grown and matured me a lot this past year and a half.

Since graduating from EBI in December 2016, I have been in pursuit to get to Asia fully funded, equipped, and ready. You have been an important part of my journey. Even though you don’t know everything about me, you invest in me with your prayers and support to see a nation changed for Christ. Asian souls are being saved because of you. You are a part of an outreach!

There are 5 key things I’m doing right now in order for me to go to Asia:
– Setting up support meetings
– Applying for Chinese Visa
– Getting fully funded in monthly support
– Buying my plane ticket
– Connecting with CT Leaders from Asia to sort out details