My native friend and I were sharing a hard bed for the night. We were laying there in silence, no heat, and I was just trying to stay warm in that 40 degree weather. In that moment I was asking God for an opportunity to speak into my friend’s life and the fact that his new girlfriend wasn’t a believer. Moments later my friend breaks the silence and says, “I think my girlfriend is a gift from God.” There was my opportunity! Talk about a quick answer to prayer!

I had many opportunities during my holiday stay to speak into the situation, and my heart is torn as I watch my friend drifting from God and getting sucked into the “well there aren’t any girls that are believers around here” mentality. He already wants me to go to the wedding (they’ve been dating 2 weeks!) and my heart is torn as I see my friend going for something that looks so good but really is poison. Would you ask God to rock my friend’s cage and wisdom for me on how to walk it out?

It’s been really busy this past month. I’m currently up in the mountains of Malaysia for a conference with some other people to meet with God and I’ve been traveling since Jan 24th. First I was at my friend’s for New Year’s celebrations, then here in Malaysia, and now I’ll be headed to HK for some visa work. I’ll have a video update most likely at the end of this month but the internet here hasn’t been that great and uploading a video is nearly impossible haha.

I start full language immersion in a couple weeks. After that my time in English will be very limited. I would love to connect with you before then. Let me know what times would work. In the meantime can you be praying for me?