About 2 years ago a 17-year old girl made an important decision in her life. Now, she is preparing to dive into a new life away from all she’s known. From a girl to a woman, I have become a person that wants to follow Christ with all my heart. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane this past year and a half by sharing ways that you as a supporter have impacted me with your prayers and funds as I prepare for Asia once again.

1. It caused me to grow during my 10-month internship with Campus Target in our HQ
2. It gave me a chance to do outreach work at RIT and a church youth group in Jamestown.
3. It helped me learn the basics of the people I will be ministering to in Asia and gain from leadership classes.
4. It strengthened me as I began to Support Raise for long-term work in Asia.
5. It helped me grow in Bible knowledge at the local Bible school for two semesters.
6. It enabled me to recruit for Campus Target.
7. It empowered me to help send out a new team of evangelists for 9 months to Asia.
8. It gave me perseverance as I participated in Campus Target’s 10,000 hour prayer challenge for this year.
9. It provided a place for me to live and work near our HQ.
10. It has brought me to where I am today!