I stood up to thunderous applause from our workers. (They were even more excited than normal this morning.) I unfurled several large maps as the 29 young adults climbed out of their chairs and pressed their way to the very front of the small classroom. After they crowded together into their places, silence settled over the room as they waited for me to speak. It was time to share the vision…

I began to unveil the vision God has given us to reach the top 120 universities in the country. I spelled out the plans for the new cities and campuses we believe God is giving us this next year. Gasps and whispers ran through the group as they heard of the city that just built a university district to house 200,000 students from the top universities. “Could they make it any easier?!” one exclaimed from the back of the room. Shouts of volunteer rang out to take the new cities. And we ended the vision meeting with a “We can do it if we will” declaration like the student volunteers of old. But even more exciting to me than that was the meeting two days before. As we gathered on the patio by a hotel pool, we asked the group, “On a scale of 1-10 how certain are you about coming back next year?” My fingers began to tingle as I heard, “9… 10… 9… 8.8…9.5… 10…” By the time we went around the room 20 “definitely's,” 2 “probably's,” 3 “maybe's,” 2 “probably the year after next,” and 2 “no's.” God is giving us the core of a young movement who will lay down everything to reach their generation. “God, let ours be the generation that finishes your mission.”

Midseason Report
• Over 100 young adults have given their lives to Jesus.
• 3 brand new baby churches are meeting.
• 1 house church has multiplied.
• We are beginning to form our goal of 100 discipleship relationships to raise up leaders in the new churches.