Jack and I huddled around a stone table on campus with two of his roommates, Daniel and Nate, telling them about Jesus.

Daniel had his world rocked two days before. He had been hired for his dream job as an English interpreter who would live overseas working for the Asian government. But two days earlier, his physical exam report came back that there was a cyst on his kidney. It may or may not be dangerous, but his new employer felt like it was too much of a risk. He lost his dream job before he even started.

Nate was searching. Since he was a child, he knew there was a God out there–no matter what his teachers, leaders, parents, and society told him. He was seeking, but he didn’t know how to find God.

As we shared about who Jesus was, I could see Nate’s eyes lighting up with the realization that this was the God he had been looking for. As we talked about the gift of eternal life being offered to Daniel, you could see it dawn on Him that God had a plan for him bigger than the job he had just lost.

When we asked them if they wanted to start a relationship with God, Daniel confessed, “I really need Him.” And Nate declared, “I have been waiting my whole life for this moment.”

These last 2 weeks, Jack has been discipling his roommates and teaching them how to follow Jesus. And this Saturday night, Jack will be baptizing them in a bathtub as about 20 others cheer them on.

We helped Jack follow Jesus, and now Jack is helping Nate and Daniel follow Jesus. And I feel confident they are going to help their friends follow Him as well. God gives each of us the privilege and responsibility of helping our friends find Him. They have been waiting their whole life for that moment, whether they know it yet or not.

Key Prayer Requests:

Please pray for Jack, Nate, and Daniel as they grow in loving Jesus and sharing with their friends.

We have recently invested a lot of energy into equipping the Asian believers here to feel confident and competent to share the good news with their friends. Please pray for love to motivate them to share, boldness to overcome their fears, and for many of their friends to come to know Jesus.

Next week I will be traveling to visit one of our teams in another city. Please pray for an effective time of ministry while I am gone and a special grace for Cher and the kids while I am away.