One of the big goals this year for the church in our city is to transition it completely to Asian leadership. This is a crucial step for it becoming a church that will grow and multiply in Asia, and not just a temporary American import.

Over the last month we have begun the process of transitioning the leadership of the church to Jack, Daniel, and Kristine—three amazing young adults. And it has been a game changer!

  • They have completely taken over running our weekend service, and the attendance has gone up every week they have led it so far.
  • They are sharing the gospel extravagantly and their friends are starting to give their lives to Christ.
  • This past week they organized a 24-hour prayer meeting for the church that was a huge success!
  • They just got back yesterday from an overnight evangelistic outreach they planned. It was a homerun with the gospel being shared with many and at least one student already giving her life to Christ (many more are close).
  • They are starting three new small groups next week, and they have set a goal to have the highest attendance we have ever had in small groups that week.

God is raising up godly, faith-filled, effective leaders in our church, and it is amazing to see! I’m going to have to move soon because they won’t need us here anymore!

Thank you so much for praying for them and our church. I believe their rapid growth in God is because of your prayers! Here are other key Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Jack, Daniel, and Kristine as they begin to give leadership to the church. Pray for protection, wisdom, and effectiveness in sharing the gospel.
  • Please pray for health for our family and team – Our family (and entire ministry team) has been suffering through round after round of sickness since May.
  • One of our teams is focused on reaching two new universities in our city. Please pray that God would use them to lead many to Christ over this next month.

Jesus is building His church, and your prayers make a difference!