Can you believe it’s the end of October already?! It seems as though the months keep going by faster and the weather keeps getting colder!

I personally have been super busy in the internship. We’re starting to go to conferences and talk to people about Asia and how they can get involved or even go on a short term trip, it’s really exciting!

I wanted to share some testimonies with you that have happened quite recently in my finances. My first story involves one of my oldest friends. She knew I was going to Asia, but we weren’t in contact while I was in Asia. Once I did get back, she wanted to hear stories and what it was like. She had some amazing things happening in her life, and I wanted to hear about it, too! We decided to have a call on the phone since meeting in person wasn’t looking like it would work out, and we caught up and were chatting about old times when I started to talk about Asia. Once I finished, without missing a beat, she said, “Emily, before I start talking about my life, I just want you to know that I want to support you for $100 a month.” I was brought to tears to have someone my age have a heart for sending people to the nations! It blows me away. I was so happy and grateful to have her as a friend and confidant for the things in my life that I was going through, and so happy that God brought us together as friends so long ago, so that He could use us to reach the nations!

My last story is of a couple that I barely know. I knew the husband because our families have been friends, but other than that I have little interaction with them besides being friends on facebook and seeing their lives on the internet. Although there was no personal connection between us, I loved seeing how God was influencing them and their family, and I reached out to them not only because they put a smile on my face, but because they were such an amazing example of what a Godly couple looks like. When I reached out to them, they were really interested in hearing more, but an in-person meeting wasn’t going to work out, so I sent them all of my information about Asia through messages on Facebook. Just a few days later, they responded saying that they wanted to join my support team for $75 a month for a whole year! It amazes me that people I hardly know would be willing to stand behind me and send me to the nations to do God’s work! How cool is that?!