“That was a pretty dramatic answer to prayer, “ I told my wife, Cher. Several days earlier I had been praying with the CT director about 2 important issues for the future of our work. First, do we want to regularly include short-term trips in what we are doing? They take a lot of work, and we didn't know how fruitful they would be in our more long-term friendship evangelism. Second, do we want to start bringing in workers from other countries or stick with Americans.

Obviously, there are lots of cultural and interpersonal issues that are involved with putting together teams with people from different cultures. So we asked God to give us a clear answer in the next week. Interestingly enough, we had a short-term team from another country coming 3 days later.

The team was only coming for three days so I didn't really know what to expect. How much of a relationship to share the Gospel can you really build in that amount of time? But God blew my mind as the team led 5 people to Christ in those 3 days and many more are on the doorway of decision. That sparked an explosion of salvations here. Including what happened with the short-term team, we have had 9 new family members in the last 9 days. Check out the other blogs over the next week for the amazing details of these encounters with God. So we are taking this as a dramatic “yes” for short term teams and workers from other nations. And we are jumping up and down with the angels in heaven over all these “found” sons and daughters.