Her name is Karen.

She is a graduate student in art criticism at a top 10 university. Suffice it to say, she’s a smart cookie. She was also one of the students that Cher and I got to invest in most last year. We did a foundations class for the future leaders of one of our new house church networks, and she was there every week. When it came time for us to coordinate leaders training, she was the one who helped me do all the communication and get everything setup while being trained herself. And she and Cher have the makings of a great friendship.

Recently, I visited her house church for the first time since being back. It was great to see her and hear about how school was going and how she was helping to lead that house church now. After chatting for awhile I began to mix around the room and meet the new faces that I saw. I connected with a cool new guy, Shane. He was a new Christian passionate about the Lord (he began to weep thinking about the cross during communion that day). I also found out in conversation he was an art student. Then I met the girl sitting next to him, and she was an art student. Then the meeting started and the emcee introduced herself as an art student. Then we went around the circle to introduce ourselves.

Six of the ten students in church that day were art students!

And all six had joined the church this summer.

Karen had caught hold of a vision for her school and began sharing her faith, she started a Bible study meeting right on her campus, and now she had led 6 of her classmates into the family!

She caught the flame.

Let it spread, Lord, let it spread.