I looked around at my team during our meeting and felt a sense of heaviness. Duke hadn’t slept at all in the last 3 nights, Logan was still suffering from wrist, back and knee pain from former injuries, Dove has had recurring back pain for two years, and I was experiencing lower back pain.

Something inside me felt an urgency to see these things healed once and for all. We had already prayed for Logan’s wrist several times since training camp. And every week we prayed for Duke to sleep, but she would only get about one good night’s sleep every 4 days. I felt like something had to change. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I spontaneously announced to my team that we would have a healing night at our next worship & prayer night. I encouraged them all to prepare their hearts to pray for healing.

Then I begin to wonder if I had really heard from God. What if they didn’t get healed? Duke was already getting more frustrated every time we prayed and she still didn’t sleep. Could God really heal her from the insomnia she had experienced since high school? She couldn’t take her medication anymore because of its side effects, and she really wanted to believe God could heal her. I asked God to take away my own feelings of doubt, and lift the faith of my team to see miracles that night.

The night arrived, and it was like no other team meeting before. There was an excitement and faith in the atmosphere. Each one of us had been praying and reading verses about healing that weekend. Now we were ready to ask God for miracles. As we worshiped God I could feel my own faith building.

As we prayed for each other one by one, our faith kept mounting. Logan’s wrist was totally healed, and his back and knee pain left! He got so excited after that he took out his contact lenses and asked us to pray for his eyesight to be healed! It actually improved after we prayed, and he decided to stop wearing glasses until God totally heals him!

Starting that night, Duke has had a good night’s sleep every night! It has been 4 nights straight now, which is a total miracle! She now lies down in bed expecting to fall asleep; the former anxiety about whether she will sleep has left her!

Keep praying with us for Logan’s eyesight to be completely restored. Dove’s back is better, but pray that it will be completely healed. We are filled with faith that it will happen in His timing. This rocked our faith to believe God for miracles! Now that we have seen it with our own eyes in our team, we are asking God for opportunities to step out in faith with our friends. When they see healings and miracles in their lives, it will give them proof of God’s existence and draw them to believe in Him!