One of the cool things so far this year for Cher and I is that we
have gotten to do more team ministry together. In the past we have
both been doing leadership and ministry, but often it was in different
spheres. This past Thursday we had a dating couple from our
university, Snake and Vicky, over to our house for dinner. After an
American dinner of cheesy pasta and vegetables, we circled up on
the couch and loveseat in our living room to play a game as we
snacked on Cher’s peanut butter cookies.

Each of us took turns drawing a card with a question on it from a
large jar. Then we would answer the questions about experiences and
perspective on life. With each question we got to know each other
better. And with each question Cher and I got to share how
important to us Jesus is. Cher drew a question, “What do you think
happens to people when they die?”. She sincerely shared the truth
of eternity while Snake and Vicky leaned forward in interest.  I
answered “How would you define success?” by talking about God’s
plan for my life, Vicky exclaimed, “I can see that your faith is
the most important thing in your life!”

Snake and Vicky are searching for something more in life. Something
real, something eternal. And I have a feeling not too many weeks
from now they are going to find it…

… in the middle of our living room over Cher’s peanut butter

Pr Requests:

1.    Please pray for our team – Vash, Jimmy, Cherie, Priend, Cher, and
I. We are pioneering on a campus where we have never seen
breakthrough before. We are doing a lot of praying in addition to
sharing with others about Christ. We also have had a sense of being
under extra spiritual attack as we contend for breakthrough here.

2.    Please pray for health. Several on our team have been sick. Cherie
has really struggled with allergies. Also, Cher and Jimmy have had
a cold for several weeks.

3.    Pray for Divine connections – we are asking God to lead us to
friends who are seeking Him AND can open doors to whole groups of
friends that will turn to Jesus.

4.    Pray for salvation – Each of us has made a circle of friends over
the last few weeks. We have shared our testimony and about Jesus with
each of them to various degrees. Ask that God would remove the veil
over their eyes so they can see the truth of the gospel.

Thank you so much for praying for us. Prayer is the only thing that
will bring breakthrough to this campus. We need you to stand with
us as we share God’s love over here. Together, we can see Jesus Christ expand
his kingdom in our university.

Sonny & Cher