God was amazing during the Winter Retreat this past weekend! Thank you so much for praying over it. Here are a few of the highlights:

·        The church is sending out Climbing, their first cross-cultural missionary to unreached people groups in the Southwest part of this nation. The churches are financially supporting him completely on their own.

·        God did an amazing work in Zhu, Simon, and Grace, three young adults who were sent out as church planters this past summer. He powerfully renewed their hearts and brought them to a place of fresh faith and commitment for their incredible mission.

·        I’ve already heard that Daniel, one of the young men who was at the retreat, led both of his parents to Christ when he went home for the Asian New Year holiday.

·        The Holy Spirit came in power to minister to and fill each person. Specifically, on Monday night, people were weeping all around the room as God’s power and love filled the room to overflowing. It was incredible.

·        The national network of churches officially adopted the name Dandelion Church. The picture for them represents how a Dandelion though small will multiply so rapidly that it will fill a whole field. They believe that God will send many of them out as “seeds” who will go to new places and start new “dandelion churches” until the gospel touches every corner of this nation.

Your prayers change things! We saw this week the very things we asked God for last week. He is amazing!