Have you ever shared with a family member or a friend, and discovered that their heart was so hardened to the Good News that it would take a miracle for their eyes to open to the love of our Father? That’s how my friend, Shay, was when I first met her over a year ago.

Many people had shared with Shay and her husband, Quincy, too many times to count, However, Shay never quite saw her need for Him. She thought it was nothing more than fairy tales, To make matters worse, she was a part of the national government party here, which declares that you are not allowed to believe and follow any god.

Over the last year, I’ve grown close to Quincy and Shay, spending countless hours together getting to know each other on a deeper lever. To me, they are like family! I even had the honor of helping name their child, Luke, both in English and their native language. I had asked God many times to open their eyes and hearts, but finally in the last month, I’ve gotten to see the fruit of what God was already doing below the surface.

I remember sitting with Quincy, discussing the English school he owns, and God spoke to me in that moment telling me to reshare the Good News with him. So not wanting to miss the opportunity, I shared. “I want to have relationship with God. But I can’t do it without Shay. Can you come to my house tonight and share all of this with her? I actually shared a lot of it with her the other day!” I was dumbfounded. I was invited to share with her!

After sharing with Shay, it was obvious to me that something was different, that God had gone before me and He had tilled the soil. “I’m not ready to start a relationship today. But I want to know more. Can we start studying every week?” she responded.

Two weeks later, we began our first Bible study where the Holy Spirit spur of the moment asked me to share I Corinthians 13 with them.

As I sat down with them the following week, Shay began to share with me how much what we had studied the week before had impacted her. Suddenly a girl once hardened to the very existence of God was open to His moving. “Do you want relationship with God?” and for the first time, Shay nodded her head ‘yes.’ I had everything within me to not burst into tears in that moment. Over a year, I’ve cried out for this family, and God’s faithfulness to answer was so evident!

I share this all to say, don’t give up on the people you love! Keep sharing radically and keep praying radically! Keep sharing with your family! Keep sharing with your friends! Because when we are faithful to sow the seed, God is faithful to prepare the soil and help that seed grow!