“This is for you.” My Asian friend Eads handed me a little box and inside was a small piece of mango cake. “I want to give this to you because you are my first foreign friend. And I am glad that I talk my English to you. Being friends gives me much happiness.”  I took the gift and almost started to cry. It was one of my favorite moments of my Asia adventure so far, as I began to see the close relationships that God is beginning to form.

We are now a month into our journey and I can not believe how time seems to fly! It never seems that we have enough time for everything we need/want to do. I have started my language classes and really enjoy learning new things. My tutor is fun and she is very challenging to me and the other students, and is constantly testing us on our language skills. I have language class two times a week and then have homework daily, but I truly love being able to communicate with the people here.

I have made so many friends this week that I am overwhelmed by how easy it is to make friends. To think that only last week I was discouraged and felt that I was not able to do what God has called me to do.  These girls are so precious to me and I am asking that you lift them up in prayer as the Father continues to work in their hearts. Their names are Eads, Yolanda, Alexis, Peggy, Lima, Yo-yo, June, Elaine, and Catherine. They are all students on the Island and I can’t wait to see what God does!

As a city team, we have had two new people come into the Family! Praise Him! It is absolutely amazing to see the transformation that happens practically over night in these young peoples lives. God is doing such a mighty work in their hearts and they are so ready and willing to hear the gospel message. Continue to talk to  God for us that we would be able to hear His voice in whatever direction He is leading.

1. Unidentifiable meat (I still can’t tell you what I ate, but it did not taste like chicken!)
2. Had Sushi in Asia
3. So yes I ate huge chunks of raw fish
4. Octopus
5. Fish Eggs
6. Experienced a Anime festival (it is where everyone dresses up as a cartoon)
7. Went to a recital of two of our Asian friends. They attend one of the best music schools in the country, and were gracious enough to invite their foreign friends.