I was at the English Corner near my apartment, where students come to practice their English every Thursday. I saw the big group of people just standing around outside the park, lit by the streetlights. I walked up to them slowly, not knowing exactly if I would like this experience. When I had gotten a good way into the group, I suddenly had a group of Asian guys around me asking me where I was from.  My American friends came with me, and in a few minutes they had their own groups surrounding them, too. It was SO fun! I stood in a group of people for about an hour and answered questions they had about me. I also got to ask them questions, and I ended up making two friends! One is a girl who goes to the university nearby, and the other is a guy who had come to one of our Christmas parties here last year, but had slipped through the cracks. It’s so cool how God provides!

I’ve been here for about a month and a half, and the enemy has been getting angry at us for what we’re beginning to do this year. These past few weeks have been kind of downers, but I know God wants to refresh us and undo what the enemy has tried to do. He is a great God, and it’s been so cool to see what He’s been doing so far. It’s encouraging to see that everyone in all three cities has been being attacked recently – that means we’re doing something right!

Next week, we are all meeting in HK to renew our visas. I’m very excited about seeing my other friends for the first time in awhile! God has been giving me things to look forward to, and I know that Wednesday will be good for my spirit.

I look forward to being able to tell you more about what God is doing in the days to come!