“Swing your partner round and round!” Sonata called out the
directions as 40 Asian friends tried to learn the virginia reel.
Our team was having our Christmas party and what
a blast we had. We played musical chairs, sang songs and even were
able to talk to them about the true meaning of Christmas. Our
friend Lu Lu said it was the best party she had been to all year. We had to rent a
room because we had so many friends coming that they didn’t fit
into our little apartments.
So there we were with over 50 friends as well as Knight’s parents,
celebrating Christmas and having a great time.

Our small team, as well as Knights parents, were able to spend
Christmas Eve together. We made nan-bread pizza, had salsa and
chips, vegetables and dip, and I made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies as well as my first ever
coconut cream pie! After eating, we read Luke 2 and then sang some
carols. Then we opened presents and figured out who our Secret Santa was. It was so much
fun to be able to spend time with the team, and we ended the night watching A Muppets Christmas

Christmas Day we had a wonderful time with the little family we
have here and we were able to spend all day together.
We had a sock exchange that led to several hilarious presents and
also some very sweet moments. Several of the team members made
brunch and we were able to have a lovely meal as well as some special
Christmas food. One of the special moments of the day for me was
being able to share advent with the whole city. It was something that Sonata and
I had wanted to do, and it was very special for all of us.

I was able to make several phone calls home this week and I was
even able to open presents with my family on skype! It was amazing
to be able to see my friends and family and feel like I was a part of
their special day. I was even able to call some very close friends
that are like a second family to me. I have to admit that I was extremely homesick this week. It was so
different then what Christmas is like at home, in 60 degree weather, it doesn’t quite feel like December. But I am so thankful
for the opportunity to spend my Christmas here and doing what God is calling me too.

Prayer Requests:
1. The time is getting close for me to go get my new visa, so just
pray that it all works out.
2. For the new year. There are some decisions I have to make soon
concerning whether or not I should return. I want
to go where the Father is leading me.
3. Please begin to pray for who I should spend spring break with.
This is a very special time that we are able to
be with a friend and their family in their home town. We need
wisdom in deciding who we should go with.
Praise!! Another girl accepted Christ!!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you
continue to stay safe during this holiday season.
With love and blessings!