I officially celebrated my first Christmas in Asia!  While there wasn’t any snow to dust the city streets, this was certainly a Christmas that I will never forget.   From parties with our Asian friends, to a team night, and then Christmas day with the whole city, the past week has been pretty incredible.  I’m blessed that God has called me here and has given me an amazing group of friends to share life with.  This Christmas season, I am especially in awe of His love for me, His love for all of us.  He was born for us, He died for us.  I’m in awe of Him. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Today, I decided to go for a bicycle ride around the campus. The weather was beautiful, and the campus was peaceful. I was in dire need to have some alone time. It was the perfect day to spend some time with God in the outdoors.  On my way home, I stopped by a small little restaurant and grabbed some dinner to take back to my apartment.  I was carrying several bags with me and I was trying to bring my bike back up to my room.  The door to the basement of my apartment complex was locked, so I unlocked it with my card and continued to go to the elevator.  Out of nowhere, a man started talking to me in Asian.  I had absolutely no idea what he was trying to say, I thought he wanted me to hold the door open for him.  So, I turned around and started to go to him.  Then, he started pointing to the ground.  When I looked, I noticed that I had accidentally dropped my wallet on the ground.  This man was totally an angel sent by God!  Usually when I go through the basement, there is no one around; I would have never noticed that my wallet was missing.  Theft is also a huge issue and I am grateful that this man was honest and helped me.  This was also one of the first times that I deeply wished that I knew more Asian; I wish I could have said something more than “Thank you” to the man.  While I couldn’t express my thankfulness to him, I said many prayers of thanksgiving to God and I am even trusting that God will put someone in this man’s life to share with him about the Good News.  God, give Him revelation of You!

Lately, we have had many parties and activities with our friends.  This week, I am looking forward to spending more time individually with my friends.  It is incredible to see how God has formed such strong friendships in such a short amount of time; I love these girls so much!  I can’t wait to see them all grow closer and closer to God. I specifically feel like God is asking me to get more intentional about spending time with my Asian friends that are believers.  As I spend time in prayer, I trust that God will give me more wisdom and vision for what He would like to see happen.