Bang! Bang! Bang! I jumped out of my seat as someone continued to
pound on our door and yelling in a language I did not fully
understand. I ran into the next room and asked Sonata. “Were you
expecting anybody?” “No” She answered as she walked to the door and
opened it. I must admit, that I did not know what to do since we do
not normally have unannounced visitors and as I mentioned last
week, we had security scare a few weeks ago. However, as she opened
the door, I was surprised to see Santa Clause! Well, obviously it
wasn’t Santa (it was an Asian man) but to me, he was much better
than Santa. For in his hands were two packages from home with my
name on it!! My family had sent me a Christmas package as well as
two very close friends from my home fellowship. As soon as I was
able, I opened the packages to see, smell and feel like I could
touch home. It was very special to place presents from my family
underneath my Christmas tree, but it has also made me so much more

We took our final exam for this term in our language classes. It
was a very difficult test, but it was a good way to see how far we
have come in a few short months. We will now have three weeks off
as our teacher is headed to the states for a visit.

The book study was such an encouraging time this week. We were able
to discuss how Jesus told the blind man to wash the mud of his
eyes, and how afterward the blind man could see (John 9). The
discussion during this time was wonderful and very insightful. I
found myself being challenged by the truth that my friends were
seeing in the story of this miracle.  Our friend John said that he
really like the story because it showed that God has a purpose for
everything that happens in our lives, whether it is good or bad.
What a wonderful lesson to understand, not only for my friends
here, but for me as well!

I received my visa and passport this week and we have everything
set until I have to leave the country and get another visa.  I am
so thankful that it seems to be working out  and that God is so
faithful to provide for me during this time. Thank you for all of
your prayers and encouraging words during this time. You have been
such a blessing to me!

Prayer Requests:
1. That all of our parties go well next week
2. That God will create open doors during this holiday season
3. Also, that I will not be very homesick. It is my first Christmas
away from home and I am missing my family very much.
Praise Reports:
– A man and his wife came into the family this week!
– Several of the other teams in the city are seeing doors opening
into situations that seemed closed before.

Well, I will close this e-mail with a prayer for all of you.
That you will find this Christmas to be one that is full of joy
everlasting and peace that goes beyond all understanding. I pray
that you and your loved ones will stay safe and find your homes
filled with love. May each of you be reminded there, as I am here,
that the real reason of the season is not presents, or big dinners
with friends; it was a Savior that was born in a manger 2,000 years
ago. May you find His love this week as you have a very Merry


1. Received my first Asian haircut. It was a man who could hardly
speak any English. It turned out to be a very enjoyable experience
and my hair turned out great!