“Ooh, is this a Bible?” Despite the fact that we pray before every meal our friend Sheny seemed shocked that my roommate had a Bible.

“We read it every day,” I said as I nodded yes.

“Wow. Have you read the whole thing?”

“No, I haven’t.” My roommate Elf answered as she opened up to the end of the book.

Our friend Sheny looked up at me, surprised. “How can you read a book everyday and not finish it?”

I had to laugh. But quickly our conversation turned serious as she asked more questions about what we believe. And as we walked I was able to share the whole gospel with her!

That was my last meeting the first half of the year. Our friends have now all gone home for the New Year’s holiday, and for the next month I’ll be spending a lot of time learning and getting ready for the last 3 months here. It is so crazy to think that when the next term starts we’ll only have 12 more weeks before its time for us to come home.

I really believe that those 12 weeks will bring what we’ve been working hard and asking for since we arrived. Right away we’ll lined up starting about 5 new studies with friends who aren’t part of the family yet! Please join with me in asking God to prepare them for what we’ll be telling them and they’ll be reading.

Some other requests:
– That our brothers and sisters would have the opportunity to share with their families, and would seem some of them also join the family.
– That our friends who have bibles would take the time to read them, and that God would be working in them while they’re home.
– That this time would be both restful and renewing for all of us who have been working almost non-stop for the past 5 months.
– And that we would learn all that we’re going to be taught, and launch into the next term passionate and ready to finish strong!