“How many more steps?” I asked as my stomach began to cramp up. Our
team wanted to do an outing with some friends, so we decided to
travel to the seaside and sightsee at a temple that is located on a
mountain. We had probably had already walked up over 200 stairs
that were some of the steepest stairs I have ever seen. We had
already seen statues, temples, a wishing tree, and had lunch by the
sea. We now were climbing up to the final destination which was a
pagoda at the very top of the mountain.
I climbed the rest of the mountain ‘till I was finally at the top.
It wasn’t the exercise that took my breath away (ok…maybe a
little), but the view was spectacular. As I looked at the scenery
that went on for miles, I was once again reminded of how awesome my
Creator is. Walking up the mountain I saw people burning incense,
and leaving gifts for their god, hoping that the god would answer.
Realizing that I can stand on a mountain with hundreds of other
people and be the only one who believes in the one  God that gives
true life, was more than enough to bring me to tears. As we headed
down the mountain (don’t even get me started on that!) I was
thankful for the opportunity to spend time with friends, but also
be reminded that no statue can love the way that my God loves.

This week was very exciting for me as I was able to be a part of my
very first Bible study. We studied a passage from the book of John
and had about ten friends come. When we asked a question about what
they thought of Jesus, one of our friends said, “Well, I think
Jesus can only love us because He really loves his Father. So he
must really want us to love his Father too.” I was completely blown
away by questions they asked as well as the answers they gave. I
can’t wait to see what God does during this time. So keep our Bible study in your prayers!

Well, the weather has officially been changing. Earlier this week
our friends told us it was cold and they were wearing coats….it was
70 degrees outside. However, I now think it is cold since it is in
the 40’s and 50’s and we don’t have heat. Say what you will, but I
have been getting used to this 90 degree weather and 50 degree
weather just feels cold!

Thank you to all of you at home that have e-mailed me. You have all
been such a blessing  to me these past few months and I am grateful
for each of you.
Prayer Requests:
1.Once again, a lot of the city team has been sick this week. So
far I have not been sick, but please continue to pray for our
2. Our Bible study
3. Praise Report: Within the city we have added two more brothers
into the family!

I hope this e-mail finds you well and I pray that the Father will
continue to bless you this week.
Much love,
– Summer

1. Had shao-kao (Asian barbecue = not very sanitary, but delicious)
2. Been pushed and yelled at by a homeless man trying to get money
from me