My heart has been awakened.  A year ago, if someone would have looked me in the eye and told me that I would be packing my bags and moving to one of the largest cities in Asia, I would have rolled my eyes.  Now that I am here, I am overjoyed, blessed, eternally grateful.  Last night, as I was walking through the city, a new wave of compassion overtook my soul.  For the first time since being here, I truly felt a deep love for this place, for these people, and specifically, for the college students. I absolutely love being here!  I am in awe of what God is doing in my heart and in this place.

Joy.  My amazing team and I hosted a special gathering for believers tonight.  Holding a Bible Study twice a week definitely is an essential tool for sharing the love of God with our friends, but tonight, we wanted to do something different.  Tonight, we threw a special party specifically for our Asian brothers and sisters. Because many of our brothers and sisters are new to the family, they are not very familiar with the concept of worship. So, for four fun-filled hours, we all joined together to worship the God of the universe.   Through reading the Word, music, creative arts, and prayer, we entered into an atmosphere of giving God the best we had to offer Him. I walked away feeling so incredibly loved by Him.

We were designed by an extremely creative God and His gifts of creativity and arts were definitely evident in that room tonight!  My favorite piece of art was done by my friend Apple.  To my knowledge, Apple was the only person with us tonight that has not yet became a believer.  Even so, I can see her growing closer and closer to God each day.  As she held up her artwork for all of us to see, a smile came across my face.  She drew a beautiful picture of a girl, and next to it, she wrote “God wants every girl to be princess”. He is revealing so much of His Truth to her; I cannot wait until she becomes a Christian! 

In the upcoming weeks, I expect to see many more hearts turn to Him.  These people are so open to learning more and more about God.  Lives are changing, eternity is being altered.  Specifically for my life, I want to keep holding onto this joy that He has put in my heart.  He is molding me into something special, like Apple said, He wants me to be a princess.  I love what He is doing!

Finally, I wanted to share a short letter that my friend Jessica wrote to me on the day that she became a Christian (11/4/09).  She wrote, “Thanks Lord for his arrangements to let us know each other in such a big world. Thank you for witnessing the Holy moment in my life – My first step for establishing my personal relationship with God. He will bless your life as sweet as the candies.”

I have no doubt in my mind that I have been called here to share God with friends like this.


Please Pray for:

  • My friends, Yang Ming, Apple, and Jenny – for their salvation
  • Bible Study – Friday and Sunday nights
  • Revelation of His love for these people
  • Relentless Joy