“Mgoi! Mgoi!(Excuse me/let me through)” said Sonata and I as we
pushed through the students that were packed like sardines in the
public bus. We finally got to the back where the doors to get off
where and Sonata stepped down. I was three steps behind her, when
the doors slammed shut with a BANG! I was so startled, that I just
stood there with my mouth wide open as Sonata turned in time to see
the bus start off towards its next destination. “Gaah!!” I said as
Sonata started running by the bus wildly waving her hands. I
finally collected myself enough to push the buzzer that lets the
driver know I need to get off the bus, and he kindly stopped and
opened the doors for me. I was embarrassed as several students were
laughing at what just happened. *Note: Learn how to say “let me off
the bus”

“5..4..3..2..1..Xin Nian Kuai Le!!” Sixteen of us then burst out
into a rendition of Auld Lang Syne, and ended the night with a
prayer for the New Year. We had a party with the city team and we
had a wonderful time.  We played games, ate food, and we were also
able to talk about some of our favorite memories so far.  The crazy
holiday season is coming to an end, and I was able to experience it
with fifteen amazing people that I have had the privilege of
working with the past few months.

  I can’t believe that my year here in Asia is almost half over.
This week was not as busy since most of our friends are in the
middle of their exams and the weather has been extremely rainy. G-
town seems to shut down when it rains and we have even received
texts from our friends that say, “I can not come out today. I do
not want to get my feet wet.” We have been able to meet with
several friends and had some very special times with them.

Prayer Requests:
1.    We are leaving for thailand soon. Ask that all of us have a safe
trip and all of the finances come in.
2.    Ask that Sonata and I will have wisdom about which friend we
will spend spring holiday with.
3.    I am going to leave soon to try and get my new six month visa.
Pray that everything will fall into place.
Praise Report: A new sister!!!

I hope you are all doing well, and that your holiday season was
wonderful. I will be adding new pictures to my website in the next
few weeks, and so keep an eye out for that. My computer has been
acting a little strange, and so picture uploading has been on hold.
But I hope that I can upload some of the new ones from the holiday
May Father continue to bless you and be with you!
1. I officially wrote my first song, and performed it in front of
the team. When I wrote the song, I just felt like God was
sitting there beside me and it was a time that was so special and