As the New Year begins, I can already sense that God has many magnificent things in store for us all.  This past week has been an incredible testimony of God working on this campus; a campus that I am growing to love more and more each day.  I am in awe of the power of the Holy Spirit and His presence in this place.  Hmmm, where to begin.

Last Wednesday, my team and I met for our weekly Walk & Talk (prayer session) on campus.  As Clive and I were walking and talking to God, it was beyond evident that He was speaking through us and that each prayer that we prayed was straight from God’s heart and out of our mouths.  While walking through the campus, we passed a girl (Angela) who was practicing her English.  To be honest, I had absolutely no idea that we even passed her. But, something inside of Clive told him to turn around, so we both walked back and began to talk to her.  After a somewhat awkward start to the conversation, the conversation quickly turned to God.  She told us about how her professor shared a sermon on Jesus at Christmas time (Yes, she heard the gospel from her professor!!!).  She also told us about several other instances where she has learned about God and what it means to be a Christian.  This was definitely a divine appointment sent up by Him. 

This morning when I woke up, I spent a lot of time praying for Angela.  A couple hours later, I had the opportunity to meet with her and have lunch together.  From the start of lunch until the very end, Angela had so many questions about God.  She asked me to share my entire testimony about how I became a Christian and what it truly means to me.  She also had endless questions about Bible Study and faith, free will, and the freedom that comes along with being a believer.  This Sunday, she will join us for the Bible Study.  I’m pretty excited.

Speaking of Bible Study, there are several changes that will be happening.  Earlier this week, I met with my friend Catherine.  She is Christian friend that I meet with once a week to encourage her in her walk with God and to speak vision into her life.  As we were meeting, I started asking her questions about the possibility of moving the Bible Study to campus and forming a group of leaders who would be willing to organize it and share with all the members.  (This is our main vision for our work while in Asia, to mobilize and equip the Christian college students to start a lasting and multiplying church on the college campuses).  As I shared with her, Catherine was extremely excited and told me that she already knows a place and would like to start and share next week (this upcoming Sunday).  After talking more and more about the idea, we decided that we would meet once again with Clive.

So, last night, the three of us met over dinner and we discussed the idea again.  Catherine expressed that she definitely would not be able to do this alone and that there is a need for other people to join her and help to form this group, to share the messages, and lead different aspects.  It is incredible that she has this attitude straight from the beginning.  Different Christian friends popped into all of our heads as we were brainstorming.    We also had some time to discuss the location and different security issues.  From what we are all sensing, this seems like a great time to start moving over to campus.

Right now, as I type this blog, I am currently sitting in the new location of our fellowship.  As I sit and type this to all of my friends, family, and supporters back at home, I am asking for your prayers.  Please join us in praying for wisdom and discernment.  What we need most is to hear the voice of God as clearly as possible.  Please also pray for potential leaders, Catherine, Kelsey, Apple, Rouyane.  Ask God that they would catch His heartbeat for the lost on this campus.  Also, please ask God that He would continue to rise up Christian guys who would also be willing to take part in this new vision.  In November-ish, I remember my team and I talking about the idea of moving to campus.  Several of us felt like God was saying January.  And now, here we are, and on Sunday we plan to move to campus!!! 

ALSO, this Friday (January 8th), my city will be having a day of fasting and prayer.  Please consider setting aside an hour of your day to pray for our Asian friends, the Asian Christians, and the new fellowship on our campus. 

Thanks for all of your love, prayers, and support,