It is hard to believe I have been here over two months! God has been doing great things as friends are constantly hearing the Good News and their lives being completely transformed by His love. All your prayers for the lost here have definitely moved on our friends.

What so amazing about God is how He never stops working on us. He has been showing me new attributes of His in these past weeks. I had gotten into a wrong mindset about sharing, thinking “I need to fulfill a quota.” With this being my driving force, I was not motivated to tell people about God and His great news. This changed when talking with a friend from home who pointed out that ‘Dad’, God, is my dad and we should have a relationship like it.

Our relationship has changed quite a lot since then and I feel like I can connect with Him in a new way. As a result of this, I have been able to find joy in sharing with others. Not being motivated by anything other than the desire to see them come into the light. I actually get excited when sharing now! It’s all about our alignment with our aligner. If our relationship with God is right, then everything else falls into place.