Last year the biggest recruiting event I participated in was at a local bible school in the heart of the Adirondacks. Getting a chance to go back and engage the students again about missions was something I couldn’t pass up!

However, the day of the event was pushed back a bit more than I anticipated. I did the math and realized I had less than an hour to introduce Campus Target to 420 students, challenge them to a life of missional living, connect with all of those that may be interested in serving with Campus Target in Asia (personal connections take time!), pack up my car on the other side of campus, and drive out of the parking lot while (literally) downloading directions for the 4 hour trip home. Yikes!

In the 30 minutes after chapel, student … after student… after student approached me confessing their desire to go to the unreached and spend themselves for Jesus. Some students had specific regions on their hearts, some didn’t, and many asked for information about serving with us in Asia. It was the biggest response I have ever seen while doing recruiting. Whether Asia or elsewhere, I left confident knowing that the next generation is preparing to reach people all across the world.

Over 40 students asked us to call them to talk about opportunities to do campus ministry in Asia with us- where the students speak English but have not heard the gospel. It was amazing!

If a fraction of them end up serving on campus with us, it will be worth it! Especially when each campus (and there are many campuses) is filled with tens of thousands of students that haven’t heard the gospel!