When light comes darkness must flee. Never before have I seen such an impact of prayer as I stepped out into China. In the short time that we have been here God has used our team to pull eleven of His children from darkness and death into the light! Not only that, many more have heard the good news for the first time in their life and many are interested in learning more. Thank you all so much for your prayers, It wouldn’t be possible without them.

My roommate and I got to experience three of these on a Saturday afternoon over a bowl of noodles. On one of the first days we were here, we went out looking for friends on the campus. It had been going rather slow, but dinner was approaching. We got our food and sat down next to a couple of Chinese guys. We started talking with them and finding out more about them, but they had to leave before we could say much. As we continued our meal we noticed a student alone at the table next to use.

As we invited him over his face lit up. He was blown away that foreigners wanted to eat with him. As we talked we found out that his name was Tim and that he is interested in transferring to the University of Rochester. We both got excited at this point since we both live close to there. At that moment I felt very connected with Tim and I had a strong desire to see him know God. He also had to leave  before we could share with him, but I got his contact info and started to chat with him.

The next week we met for lunch and he brought two of his classmates with him. As we shared what Jesus did for him he was excited a desired to know more. He wanted God to live inside him and his friends wanted the same. Right there in the upper room of a Muslim noodle shop three lost sheep found their way into the light.