Great news! I’m settled into my apartment in X-town and I’m getting into the swing of things here in town. It’s beautiful here in late summer. The campus is called Northwest University and it’s been cool getting familiar with all the new surroundings. I’ve already made a ton of new friends and had some cool conversations. Among my friends, 4 people have joined the family since we arrived!

Last week, we met a guy playing badminton who was very interested in practicing his English skills. We started talking to him and it turns out his name is Wang Zhen and he’s a member of the “red team” on campus. I was a little hesitant at first, because I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to share with him or not. I asked God and He said “game on” so we shared the Gospel. He didn’t join the family, but we challenged him to think about what we talked about and he agreed. We’re following up with him this weekend, I’m really exited to hear his thoughts. Please be praying for him as well as our other friends we’ve talked to: YiMing, Zhang Peng, and Jia Fan. We’re asking that their hearts would be prepared for the message as we transition from casual conversation to more important subjects.

We’re asking our God for Psalm 90:17. Continue praying for me and the rest of my friends. I miss you guys already!