College Campus.

It has a surreal feeling as I walk down.  It reminds me of my college days and it makes me shudder.  For you see, I was lost then, I didn’t know Papa or more precisely I didn’t want to know Him.  So as I survey this campus, my heart goes out to all the students walking to and fro.  All lost.  All in their own little world.  All without Papa.  My partner and I walk the campus praying for just one person to talk to.  So we decide to rest and just and see what Papa was up to.  Little did we know that He was bringing 3 girls to us.  Their names are Judi, Jelly and Jingying.  I connect right away with Jingying.  Her English is very good and she is very open and curious.  We get each others contact info and we become fast friends.  A couple of days later, we meet for dinner and by this point I want to share with her about Papa.  So I do.  I tell her the greatest love story.  She listens to both me and my partner as we share.  At the end, when we ask if she would want to know Papa, she kindly says no. That Asia doesn’t have one religion but many.  It broke my heart!! It still breaks my heart.

How does Papa do it? How it must hurt His heart.

It’s been a few days since we have shared with her.  I continue to talk to her and love on her as best as I am able. Please pray for her.

How am I doing, you ask? Hmm, well I guess I should be honest.  I…am…struggling.  It’s been a hard adjustment. Not so much with the culture as with the language barrier.  Many of you know that I love languages and that I already speak 4 languages, so not being able to communicate effectively is so frustrating.  But that’s not the real issue. The issue is that ever since I stepped foot here, the enemy has attacked me nonstop. In my identity.  In communicating with my roomies and team, with trust, with isolating myself.  And it’s been so draining, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I don’t like talking about myself, but I wanted to share what I’ve been going through and how Papa has been speaking life into me.

As I’m running to Him with all the lies and everything the enemy has thrown at me, Papa reminds me that I am His arrow and He is the bow.  There’s something awesome about arrows.  They can fly straight and hit a target from far away.  So when Papa said that, it was a very cool moment and my spirit became alive and something shifted and now I am on the offense declaring war on the enemy.

And this is war. For every friend that we meet and get to share about Papa, is one soul saved from the clutches of the enemy.  But the enemy is fighting hard too, that is why Prayer Warriors, your time has come.  To go into your war room and fight on your knees.  I may be on the front lines but you are just as important.

Prayer changes people and situations.